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Sep 25, 2011

APM - Kills outlook web access

We use the APM module to run outlook web access. Currently i'm having an issue where the OWA session seems to sort of drop out after a few minutes. The connection stays open but errors start to show on the OWA session.



The error is 'Outlook Web Access was unable to perform the operation that you requested. Please refresh your browser and try again"




Looking through the APM logs on /var/log i see lots of 'Found HTTP 401 in response header" messages.




If i disable the APM policy from the Virtual Server then the connection works fine.




Any thoughts on why its dropping out using APM?


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  • Two questions i have,



    What authentication are you using on OWA? NTLM or Forms?



    What SSO settings do you have on the APM policy?



  • We use NTLM.


    We need to authenticate users from multiple domains so we have an iRule which selects the SSO policy based upon a session variable that we defined.