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Nov 01, 2011

Anyone successfully running LTM+ASM on the same box, what does your resource provisioning look like?

I'm being asked to change my resource provisioning to resolve an issue with ASM. Considering this is the second time I've been asked to do this to resolve an ASM issue, I'm just wondering what those of you with successful implementations are running.









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  • Chris,



    What hardware platform are you running and at what OS level? (9,10,etc)



    Let me take a wild guess, the box was hitting swap utilization? I know in version 10, the provisioning allocation got a lot better/more dynamic. In 9, I found myself tweating the allocated memory a couple of times, as traffic load increased.



    -> Josh
  • I'm on 10.2.1 (3600). Yes, swap utilization. I posted last week about attack signature updates causing my box to reboot. I'm being asked to again change my resource utilization to fix the issue (ASM dedicated, LTM none) with the following memory allocations.












    I'm really having doubts that my config is viable and would like to hear from real world users what is working for them in a real prod environment.





  • Weird. I've run into this before on a unit, where we reprovision it so that ASM was nominal and LTM was minimal. Then ended up having to use a custom provisioning like that one above, because the box was still swapping.



    I'd wonder also if there might be any indication of a hardware issue, bad ram, etc? Maybe a hardware check just to rule it out.



  • Yeah, support just requested I run an EUD. Working on that now.





  • I firmly believe in provisioning every critical module as "nominal." Are you unable to install the latest hotfix to remedy the swap issue?
  • All EUD tests passed. Based on discussions with support I'm not clear that the latest hotfix addresses a known swap issue. Does it? There was a mention of general ASM stability enhancements, but every update seems to say that. Upgrading to 10.2.3 is my next move.





  • I'm being told now this is essentially a known issue and they are still working on a fix. I'm going to upgrade to 10.2.3 anyway, but support indicated it would not fix this issue.



    Is anybody else running a stable 3600 (10.2.1 or higher) with LTM+ASM? Can you tell me exaclty how you are provisioned?