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Jun 08, 2011

Anycast GTM/LTM design

Hi All,



We are planning to redisign our datacenters with global traffic manager. The idea of us is to use a anycast address to inject into BGP. Can anyone give us a detailed description of how this works together from the clients DNS request to the GTM and balanced to the LTM. Or is there a good document with this information.



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  • Did you find some info on this? we're looking to do the same thing..thanks
  • No not yet seems to be very little information on this as well as the isession which we wonna use in conjuction with anycast. Probably we will stick with the isession because there is so little information and experience on the anycast BGP injection. I think we will create a design first with an isession solution for datacenter failover. When route health injection with anycast becomes more common we will think over the anycast part.



    What is your background. Maybe its good to get in touch with each other to discuss our experiences on this.



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    Maarten Vervoorn
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    Maybe this will help?