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Dec 07, 2021

Ansible module bigip_firewall_address_list "One of the following features must be licensed"

Not sure if this is a question for the community or if I should contact F5 support here but here is the problem


Using The Ansible F5 module documentation ( I am trying to create a simple address list. I have already validated that I can create an address list via the GUI administration.


When I try to create the same test address list via ansible I get the error:

TASK [F5 : Create address list] ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

failed: [ -> localhost] (item={u'name': u'', u'addresses': [u'', u'']}) => {"ansible_loop_var": "item", "changed": false, "item": {"addresses": ["", ""], "name": "testAddrList"}, "msg": "{\"code\":400,\"message\":\"One of the following features must be licensed/provisioned for the URI security/firewall/address-list : afm asm dos cgnat\",\"errorStack\":[],\"apiError\":1}"}


As stated, I do have the required component licensed otherwise I wouldn't be able to create it in the admin console.


Any work around or do I need to contact F5 support?



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