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Oct 30, 2018

Adding/Removing Metadata to GTM Pool: Will This Impact Traffic?

I haven't seen any evidence of this in practice or in documentation, but I'd feel a lot better with some corroboration from you lovely people in DevCentral. I'd like to execute the following PUT request against a GTM server running iControlREST v12 (for each pool):

curl -sk "https://[f5_server]/mgmt/tm/gtm/pool/a/[pool_name]" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --user "[user]":"[password]" -X PUT -d '{"metadata": [{"name": "AppName","persist": "true","value": "Test_Value1"},{"name": "ServiceName","persist":"false","value":"Test_Value2"},{"name": "AppOwner","persist":"false","value":"Test_Value3"},{"name": "AppSupport","persist":"false","value":"Test_Value4"}]}'

So far, so simple, but I'd like to ensure that this doesn't invoke or trigger something dramatic like a config reload or crash the server. No visible cause for panic here, right?

N.b. there is no metadata for these pools at present; I'm aware that this is a "write" and not an "update" command, but that's okay. Thanks!

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