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Aug 22, 2011

Adding edge client support for iOS devices

We have an existing access policy which was designed around full clients running on windows. We would like to add support for iOS devices running the standalone edge client.



the problem i am having is that our policy does client side checks (antivirus) which are not supported on the mobile clients. So i attempted to add the UI mode and OS checks before the antivirus check so I can create a new branch for the mobile client without the client side checks. However, after the logon page we have numerous other things defined like AD queries and i dont want to have to duplicate all of these other things on the mobile client branch. Is there some way to have 2 branches come back into one again? I basically want to say if its a mobile client, skip the AV check but then continue everything else after that. I cant seem to get this to happen. Any ideas?



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  • You have to create a macro for this to work, you would insert the macro instead of creating it from scratch. Sorry! :(