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Jun 05, 2023

Add LTM two boxs ( HA ) on F5 GTM

I have two LTM boxes and configure HA between them, in this case how i can add LTM to GTM , 

it is applicable to make this with floating IP, or I will add two LTM separately as a two server on GTM 

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  • Hi Amr_Ali , each LTM should be added individually. The iQuery communication that will be established is done with all devices regardless of HA status, so the floating IP doesn't matter from GTM standpoint.

  • Amr_Ali It should be a matter of ensuring the GTM hardware has the LTM license active and provisioned which will require a reboot of the GTM. Typically it's recommended that the GTMs have their own IP that they accept DNS queries on and not share that with the LTM portion of the configuration other than the management IP itself. You would have HA configured for LTM but only have the sync group for GTMs configured so that the GTMs respond independetly of each other and the LTMs work as physical hardware backups for the other. It is not generally recommended that you combine GTM and LTMs on one platform but it can be done. The reason for this is because the GTMs tend to sit on your edge and the LTMs tend to sit in a higher security area but that doesn't mean you can't do it.

  • Hi Amr_Ali  ,


    To Add LTMs to the GTMs you have to follow the following process:

    Have you created the LTMs server objects in F5 GTMs.

    First run this on LTMs and GTMs to get the internal and external Self IP, you have to use the local self IP of both the LTMs ,

    list net self one-line

    Use this link to go thrugh all the necessary details for adding LTMs to GTMs:

    K43300744: Adding BIG-IP LTM to a network with BIG-IP DNS (13.x - 17.x)

    Without regards to the fact that they are combined into an Active/Standby HA Pair ... can you define the two separately, each one with its own non-floating self-IP ... then define the two of them as a Prober Pool -- choosing to load balance between the two LTMs via the Global Availability load balancing method.


    Use Iquery for validation:

    show gtm iquery EXT_Self_IP_of_LTM1

    show gtm iquery EXT_Self_IP_of_LTM2

    you have to add the LTMs in GTMs using bigip_add

    Adding LTM to new GTMs in cli BASH mode





    bigip_add  EXT_Self_IP_of_LTM1






    bigip_add  EXT_Self_IP_of_LTM2









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      thanks for your support,  as below screenshot after adding two LTM with their own external self IP, the LTM that is on standby mode is still down on GTM, and the LTM that is on active mode be active server on GTM 


  • can you run in a tmsh mode these 2 iquery commands:

    show gtm iquery EXT_Self_IP_of_LTM1

    show gtm iquery EXT_Self_IP_of_LTM2


    Also have you added the LTMs in GTMs using bigip_add

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       have you added the LTMs in GTMs using bigip_add ??? sure , I execute this script for two LTMS