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Jul 16, 2012

Add iRule to all VIPs?

Hi All, Im having an issue with Baiduspider and I would like to block them.

I have created the following irule:


when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [HTTP::header "User-Agent"] contains "Baiduspider" } { drop return } }




However I need to add it to 300 different vips. Is it possible to do this through tmsh? I tried modify but from what I understand that will remove all current irules on that vip.


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  • Hi Philip,



    Which LTM version are you running? I think you'll need to write a tmsh script which only attempts to add the iRule to virtual servers with an HTTP profile.



    You could start with Jason's config search example to get a list of virtual servers with an HTTP profile:





  • Hi Aaron,


    My mistake. I am running 11.1. I was hoping it was a onw line command which already existed on the file system. I might just modify this: to add the irule. Thanks for your reply
  • I'm running 11.6 now and still no update to this. I ended up using the F5 iRule editor - you right click the iRule and select Properties - you can then select or deselect the VS that are using the iRule.