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Jul 12, 2021

AD Query specific User



We need to provide 5 RDP for 5 differents users. The objectif is to connect to and for user1, this user show the webtop with RDP1 machine, when user2 is connecting, this user2 see only rdp2 machine,...


How I can create a simple or advanced expression to assign an advanced ressource assign to assign the righ computer depend of the user connected ?



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  • Hi


    In my case, it's not working. When I enter the password, I have an issue to show the webtop. If I replace the expression with a basic expression to check if the user is member of AD group, it's working... :(

  • You assign each user with a FQDN or IP address of the RDP Machine. Typically done within an AD attribute. You go to the webtop, assign a RDP resource, but instead of an IP or a dedicated link for each user, you put in the AD attribute that will be pulled down upon login. So user one will login, you will scrape the AD attributes (ex. blah) and use that data as an entry point for the user. They will see a single resource, but the connection will be whatever is listed in the AD attribute.