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Aug 10, 2017

AD query SearchFilter multiple searches

I'm working on an APM profile and within an AD query SearchFilter I'd like to check a session variable against multiple fields. So something like this


Is this possible? I haven't seen it done anywhere and have been unsuccessful in getting the syntax correct.

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  • Hi, ad query filter format is standard ldap filter


    The operator is at the beginning

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      Hi Stanislas,

      this is syntactically incorrect. The whole statement needs to embraced with brackets:


      And as many users may look for something, where either an email address or the sAMAccountName could be used:


      Hope that helps anyone, who is looking for especially this very bad documented search filter field in AD Query agent of the access policy.

      This was successfully tested today on 16.1.2.

  • Hello Coryva,

    Based on this question and Micheal J answer, the search filter syntax is in LDAP format.

    You can find here the supported Search Filter Syntax :

    You need to try the following


    Hope it helps

    Please give us a feedback