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Aug 11, 2023

Active-Active HA setup with F5 i2600 and F5 i2800

We have 2 standalone F5 devices, F5 i2600 and F5 i2800
It is possible to configure Active-Active HA setup using F5 i2600 and F5 i2800

The article below suggests that there's an option of increase the capabilities of i2600 by applying an optional module. 

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  • F5Team I have never had the opportunity to test this but at face value it seems like it could work because the devices are almost identical with minor differences. Now I do know that F5 hasn't released an article on doing cross platform HA so I doubt it will work but it's worth a shot. Just make sure you backup the configuration of each device along with the master-key of each device if by chance something goes wrong and things no longer work. UCS backup of each device, not just going into the device and doing a "show running-config" for a backup.

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      LiefZimmerman Still we haven't tried to form HA , We will confirm once it's establish.

      Hopefully it will work