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Nov 16, 2017

ACE probe to F5 monitor - bluecoat proxy

Hello I have an existing ACE setup with Blue-coat proxies and the probes are checking the blue-coat can reach and if it can mark the server up. Can anyone give me the equivalent for F5 running 13 HF2 ? When I run a standard http or https monitor, the blue-coats are up and down all over the place even with ping time sub millisecond.


probe http pr_http_google description Proxied HTTP request to Google via the Blue Coat Proxies port 80 faildetect 2 passdetect interval 30 receive 5 request method head expect status 200 200 expect status 302 302 header Host header-value "; open 3


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  • Create a HTTP monitor with the follow setting: Send string:

    GET HTTP/1.0\r\nConnection: Close\r\n\r\n

    Receive string:

        HTTP/1.[01] [23]0[0-6] 

    And attach it to your BlueCoat proxy pool.