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Jul 21, 2011

accessing F5,owa2010 can not change expired password

if i directly access Exchange owa page, the feature work well. anyone would like help me?

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    Can you describe your environment for me? What F5 products and versions are you using, and what is the behavior when changing the password fails (do you get error messages, etc)?


  • Password changes are done via Exchange Control Panel(ECP) - which is a different site/App on IIS from OWA. Can you successfully get into ECP( If not, what exactly is the behavior? If you configured SSL offload, you need to disable SSL required on that site in IIS as well in order for it to work with F5...
  • Environment:


    1. 2 CAS+Hub use F5 to setup NLB


    2. 2 Mailbox server use DAG


    F5 version:10.2.1


    use Exchange 2010 template to create owa,autodiscover,pop3 virtual servers.


    in every cas server,change the Registry to support to change expired password when logon to owa. Logoning owa by F5 VS, the function doesn't work,and not show any error information. i guess the changing expired password page can not be redirected.
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    I was able to reproduce this. It looks like the server response is not being rewritten to HTTPS because it doesn't match the original request URI. In the settings of my HTTP profile, I changed Redirect Rewrite from "Matching" to "All" which enabled me to get to the password change page. This will be the recommended setting in the next version of our deployment guide.