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Jan 05, 2011

Access to APM features through iControl?

Hello All,



Looking at some iControl code to extract useful information from our F5 running configurations.



I am unable to find anyway to pull out the WebTop's that are configured through APM. In fact, can't find any APM specific methods - don't they exist?





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  • Hi Jason,



    I don't think there are any hooks in iControl yet for APM:




    I expect this is in the works, but don't have any specific info. If you don't get more info here, you could open a case with F5 Support to ask about the roadmap for APM support in iControl.



  • Hi,


    Do we have iControl access to the local user DB introduced in 11.4? I can't see any hooks in devcentral API and I need them to add/remove users.