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May 03, 2018

Access External URL's through APM



We are setting up a document store for student to be accessed from there home (external from the network) Some of the URL's to the docuemnts are within our own domain, e.g. That of course seems to work fine. My question is, there are some docuemnts stored outside our domain, e.g. For some reason it does not work at the moment. We do have the external domain in the access list in the access profile. The rewrite seems to be working, but still we get the error, page not found.


Any help is welcome.


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  • Forgot to mention, but the traffic for the external document still needs to go through the SSL session


  • Hi Lucas,


    just to clarify your need.


    You have an internal Webapp that allow user to retrieve some documentation.


    You provide this service from outside. My question is you use APM as VPNSSL (using portal access) or just as Web access management (auth user before accessing to his doc)?




  • You shouldn't need to re-write the resource. Using a Webtop Link and ensuring split-tunneling is disabled should be all you require to access an external link through the SSL session.


  • To clarify the setup, here is the config. Were in the resource assignment the URL of the internal webpage is with all the URL to the different document hosted internal and external. So a split tunnel is not an option and we do need a rewrite. Auth. is done with a radius server against two external AD servers depending on your Realm. Hope it is somewhat more clear ;-)


  • Hello,


    Lucas, I may be a track that we could.


    First of connect from internal and with F12 (developper tools) check URL/link documentation, it should be set as "relative link" if this link is set as "absolute link" this can be problematic. if the link is in http or if the link contains the physical hostname of the server instead app name.


    In this case you have to rewrite response... that may be the reason why you can reach your doc from outside.


    Do you understand my approach?