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Feb 10, 2021

Able to see live traffic stats on GUI , but not through REST API

Hi Team,


I ran with a strange issue with our customer.

We are able to see live traffic on the F5 GUI (V15) as well as when i run  # tmsh show sys connection cs-server-addr cs-server-port 443 , but at the same instance when we run the curl commnd #curl -sk I am unable to see the connection details.

Is there any know article i can refer to .



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  • GET /mgmt/tm/sys/connection should yield the "tmsh show sys conncetion" output. For example,

    $ curl -sku admin:admin | jq .
      "kind": "tm:sys:connection:connectionstats",
      "selfLink": "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/sys/connection?ver=15.1.2",
      "entries": {
        "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/sys/connection/0": {
          "nestedStats": {
            "entries": {
              "connectionId": {
                "value": 0

    Since the call may generate a large amount of data (iControl REST does not prompt you Y/N, so be careful), it is prudent to add a filter. Add the options query string to the endpoint. Separate the parameters with comma (,): e.g,

    $ curl -sku admin:admin, 

    If you have more than one filters, continue with the commas: e.g,

    $ curl -sku admin:admin,,cs-server-port,8

    For more information on query strings, refer to the "About Query Parameters" section of iControl REST API User Guide. You can download the PDF from iControl REST Home.