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Nov 30, 2023

404 error with support ID on CLoud Console

Ou application is on F5 Cloud WAF sometimes it is inaccessible and throwing support ID with error code 404 and also same time when we try to search support ID it is not showing logs. This logs issue is for all support ID's that we receive when site is not accessible.


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  •  Hi AB7,

    Block in question comes from the Bot Defense profile, as the client is treated as a malicious bot due to unusual

    Bot Defense logs are separate from request logs found at Security ›› Event Logs : Application : Requests. This is applicable from BIG-IP version 14 onwards.

    The support ID displayed is associated with the Bot protection profile applied to the virtual server.

    There are two types of Requests logs that can be found: ASM request and Bot Request logs and each starting with a different digit.

    • ASM Request logs will be up to 20 Digits.
    • Bot Request logs will be 19 Digits.

    Assuming in the logging profile, Bot Request logging is enabled, search for the Support ID at: Security > Event Logs > Bot Defense > Bot Requests

    If the support ID is still not found, then there is a possibility that they logs may have rotated.