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Oct 19, 2011

1500 Reverse Proxy performance affect

We are currently running a HA pair of Big IP LTM 1500's that are providing standard load balancing functionality. We are in the process of redesigning our web infrastructure and have the F5 preform Reverse Proxy would solve some problems we are running into. Our F5 cpu load averages 10% to 15%. If we begin using the reverse proxy features how will this impact our performance?



Thanks in advance.


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    If you're using the LTM as a reverse proxy it should perform just fine. That's what the box is designed to do. If you start doing lot of L7 processing (iRules, payload modification, etc.) you may see additional resource usage, but that it largely dependent on what and how much you are doing. Sorry I can't be much more concise with the given information. Hope this helps,