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Feb 08, 2018

11.5.4 HF4 - root password changed with localuser account

Hey All,

My QA title says it all. I just ran into testing this, if a localuser account with admin role can change the root password. And yes it does.

passwd root

I thought it was a bug in the 11.5.4 HF2 alone. Is there an article on this. Is this a normal behavior.

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  • Hello,

    A user with Administrator Role have a complete access to all objects on the system. He can create, delete, modify local users and can change root and admin password.

    find below the kb that describe this:

    If you have an Administrator user role, you can also change some properties of the root account. Specifically, you can change the password of the root account, and you can enable or disable access to the BIG-IP system through SSH.
    This is for 11.4 version but the behaviour don't change....