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Jan 04, 2011

10.2.0 change from partitions to LVM + HF2

I have a BigIP 1600 running 10.2.0 and I need to apply HF2 to it. It is currently running 10.2.0 (no HF) and is formatted with the older partitions scheme. I am well past the need to ever go back to 9.x and so it makes sense to switch to LVM. Can I reformat to LVM at the same time I apply the HF2 hotfix?



Current partitions are as follows:


HD1.1 - Active - v10.2.0


HD1.2 - NotActive - v10.0.1



image2disk is already on the system because of the need to reformat the partitions to fit 10.1+



Does the following command look like it is good or am I way off track here?



image2disk --instslot=HD1.1 --hotfix --format=volumes Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.0-1789.0-HF2.iso





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  • Hi Deon,



    I think that *should* work, but it would be worth checking with F5 Support. If you do could you report back with what you find?



    Thanks, Aaron
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    I ran the image2disk command today on my QA BigIP. It installed the HF2 correctly but it did not reformat the disk to volumes. It ran pretty quickly. Only 2 minutes at most so I was fairly sure it had not reformatted the drive. lvscan returns no output. Maybe the only way to reformat to volumes is when installing a full release (i.e. not a hotfix). I think I need to do some more research on how to make the switch to LVM. Thanks.


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    1. save your UCS off the box just to be safe.


    2. make sure the 10.2.0 base ISO is on the box somewhere.


    3. From right there in 10.0.1, do this: image2disk --format volumes -i HD1.1 --nomoveconfig --nomovelicense


    - This will plow the whole system with LVM, then it will plop the 10.2.0 config back down where it HD1.1


    4. Boot to your new 10.2.0 installation, which should have your old config. The system should be LVM now. verify with 'lvscan' and see if it returns a logical volume list.


    5. Now do that HF installation to HD1.2 or HD1.3, wherever you want. Make sure the 10.2.0 ISO is in /shared/images and that the 10.2.0 HF2 ISO is in there as well.


    6. party.