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F5 XC | Rewrite Redirect functionality


Hi together,

for the migration to F5 XC we need to change the location header for certain responses (301,302) to match the hostname of the XC instance.

Is there currently a way to configure a rewrite redirect to an F5 XC virtual server?
I also couldn't find a configuration option that allows response header manipulation.

I am grateful for any hint.

i found a feature Request for that functionality:

but if there are any other ideas pls share with me 🙂


Thank you for responding.
So currently it's not possible to archive that without placing/re-configuring some servers in front or behind the F5 XC instance. Did i understood that right?

It seems that a direct migration from VM or Hardware F5 Appliance to the XC is currently not completly possible.

How about trying the Route option in XC:







Hi Nikoolayy1,

thank you for the hint. Unfortunately this setting only overwrites the host header. I.e. if the target/application server sends a 302 redirect back to itself and not to the FQDN/IP of the XC, the subsequent request is not routed via the XC, but a direct connect to the corresponding target server is performed.


FQDN-XC: www[.]test.ves.io
FQDN destination: www[.]test.de

REQUEST www[.]test.ves.io/redirect/uri => XC => www[.]test.de/redirect/uri
RESPONSE 302 - Location: www[.]test.de/destination/uri => XC

===> At this moment XC have to rewrite the Location header to it's own FQDN (Location: www[.]test.ves.io/destination/uri)


The only particular solution i found is to send all redirects directly for defined uris, but that is not usefull in all cases.

Yup, I have seen this as for example if the origin pool is google.com then the google servers will send a redirect as the site is www.google.com, so I see the only way is for the XC routes to directly send traffic to the origin FQDN that is the final destination, so that a redirect to not be triggered.


Outside of that in the origin pool setting or the XC route you can change the SNI or host value, so the origin pool FQDN to be one thing but the Host/SNI to have another value.


But yes if there was a feature to change the response headers in the HTTP redirect response like the location one.

I forgot to add that you can open a feature request at https://www.f5cloudideas.com/

It allready exists 😉 i posted it inside the question 😉

nevertheless many thanks 🙂

Didn't see it. Sorry 😀