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Welcome and howdy!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey DevCentral,

The water cooler forum is a net new feature we thought would be a nice place for our community members to explore other subjects. Let your geek flag fly*?

Lief ZimmermanLief Zimmerman

We don't award any sorts of points for kudos or other content here - it is just for you - but IF a good technical conversation develops let us know. We can move it to the Technical Forum with a click of the mouse.

Thanks for being part of our community.

(*still, honor theDevCentral Community Guidelines )


Community Manager
Community Manager

I was wondering what the first water cooler post would be! Nice!

@buulam / YouTube.com/DevCentral

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Hello - Im number 3 🙂

Emoji no worky 😞

@DenisG - yeah. I'm working on the email thing. Thx

Emoji's are working now.
I read yours as "email" the first time.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Achievement Unlocked: Arrival! Super excited, thanks @LiefZimmerman for carrying us to here!

So many new knobs to push and levers to pull, but still intuitive. The look and feel is great.