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Unique reasons for outages

Community Manager
Community Manager

I was going through old photos, and found this one I took in London back in December 2016, after an urban fox somehow found its way 3 stories below ground at our City of London office... and chewed through our fibre, killing our internet until a contractor could rewire things 4 days later. Banana for scale. 

We dubbed the critter FibreFox. 

What are the most unique reasons you've had an outage?






Worked on telecoms on the railway, 

We had a under rail crossing circuit which we were sure was the issue why we had intermittent Comms down the track.

After arguing with the customer they eventually paid to have this 200m section of cable replaced. We found literally a rat's nest of cables where the local rats had made home! It would have been lovely and warm for them!

Cost us and the customer loads to get sorted!

I was even testing the cables at one point in the snow!