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Webpage Failing to Display Properly Intermentially


I am working with an application that connects using HTTPS to receive a webpage. The application consistently connects to the Server on a polling interval. It first connects to the F5 which then reverse proxies to the server. When a notification is sent from the server the client will open the connection and display the page. The page most of the time loads correctly but then sometimes is missing images. The images are pointing to a url. Any ideas on what I could troubleshoot on the F5 to see why the images are not showing correctly.


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

I'd start with the browser developer tools (F12:Network) to track the requests to see what the browsers sees when the requests fail.


Otherwise, you need to use


K12783074:  Decrypting SSL traffic using the SSL::sessionsecret iRules command (12.x and later)


to get decrypted SSL data.


On 15.x (and later) you can use the F5 tcpdump SSL plugin to get the same information.