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virtual server with two service or more


i have one web server behind the big-ip which applied on it variety services , I need to access web application from outside as below :


when write HTTP:// forward traffic to normal web service, and when write HTTP:// forward traffic to cpanel on web server.

i have one node and one pool and one Virtual server enabled HTTP on it .

how to configure this case .



Hi ahmed,


Create 2 virtual servers and 2 pools.

virtual1: ========= vs_abc.com_80 vs ip: vs port: 80   pool1 ========= pool : pool_abc.com_80 pool member :   ===========================   virtual2: ========= vs_abc.com_2003 vs ip: vs port: 2003   pool2: ========= pool : pool_abc.com_2003 pool member :

If you want with one virtual server:

  • Add member with any port to the default pool. Remove other members with port.
  • Create a port list in Shared Objects page. Add port 80 and 2003. (need LTM license and v14.1+)
  • Add the port list to service port in virtual server.

hi Enes 

if i need to configure two VS but I have one public IP how to configure it , on utm when I mapped public IP to VS accept one mapped IP only


hi Enes Afsin Al

thanks for your replay


in my case I have one VS , and I tried to add port list to VS but in utm logs gives me server rst the connections.

which means that the vs can't listen on port 2003


may you please give me any tshoot steps to ensure that the service 2003 its work fine on the backend server 

Hi ahmed,


You can get packet capture and analyze it

tcpdump -nn -i any:nnnp -s0 -w /shared/tmp/2003.pcap host <vs-ip> and port 2003

Could the cpanel 2003 port be working with ssl?

yes Cpanel working with ssl through 2003

Can you add server ssl profile to the virtual server and try this iRule?

when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [HTTP::host] ne "" } { SSL::disable serverside } }

When you access cpanel from, if it redirects to https, you will need to 2nd virtual server.