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Virtual Server with manual fall back to primary node


Hi Everyone


I want to configure a virtual server where 2 backend servers should be configured in active-standby (or failover) mode.


The scenario is like when server A goes down server B becomes active and it stays active even when server A comes back until "a check/condition" is met and then it shall make server A active.


It must not make server A active when it comes back after a failover.


Here, I need help with how to achieve this.


Priority Activation will make server A active as soon as it comes back so that doesn't meet the requirement.


I would be grateful if I can be directed on how to accomplish this.




Hi jsishodia,


you could use a monitor using the Manual Resume feature. When you set this feature to enabled, you can make sure that  the pool member stays unavailable until you manually enable it.

If you combine this with Priority Group Activation, this should satisfy your requirements.




Hi Daniel


Apologies for the late reply.


Yes, it fulfills the requirement but the only downside is we need to go on F5 whenever we have to enable back the server A.


Thank you for your kind support.


Warm regards