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Update or modify iRules using command line or bash scripts


I'm new to iRules and F5 technologies -


I needed to update/modify several (100s) iRules on multiple F5s. It's like find and replace specific text on iRules.


What is the best way to approach this change? I found a way to export each and every iRules to files and replace specific text as well. Is there a command line utility to update the iRule using from file or any other way?


Any suggestions are appreciated.


Hi kvnsk,


  • Backup bigip.conf file in command line.
cp /config/bigip.conf /config/bigip.conf.BAK
  • Download /config/bigip.conf to your pc.
  • Open bigip.conf file via text editor.
  • Use "find and replace" tool.
  • Upload bigip.conf file to /config folder.
  • Verify config.
tmsh load sys config verify
  • If no error, load config.
tmsh load sys config