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Scheduled Config Backups


I have a script on one of my BigIP that takes a UCS archive file and copies to a secure remote server via SFTP. It runs daily via cron.


The script currently sits in /root and runs with the root users crontab. This means it gets wiped everytime we upgrade.


What would be a better way of doing this?


If I create a local user will they get a home directory that will survive an upgrade?


Community Manager
Community Manager

There is a really robust solution in an iApp that is maintained by  in one of his GitHub repos. I'd check that out first, but there are others in the codeshare as well that might give you ideas on how to enhance what you have.


Anything that is added to the shell system on BIG-IP that is not a TMOS configuration object will be blown away when updating the OS.

Thanks, I'll take a look.