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Reroute traffic to new virtual server


We have a requirement to reroute the traffic for a specific URI pattern match from existing virtual server to a new virtual server. We can use virtual command in the iRule for that.

But have some queries -

Do we need to assign all the irules associated with the existing irules, to the new virtual server as well?

Does the new virtual server need all the certificates associated with the existing virtual server as well?


The traffic will reach the existing virtual server, execute the associated iRules and send the traffic to new virtual server.




You need to have desired iRules, SSL Profiles etc on the other Virtual Server which is required for the traffic flow once it is rerouted. Not all iRules but you need to check which iRules are actually required to process traffic as per your expectations once it is rerouted to other VS after matching specific URI.


Same is the case with certificates as well. e.g. URL traffic is related to (and traffic is on secure port) and it is rerouted to other Virtual Server, you need to have client SSL profile on other VS and that client SSL profile should have required certificate for Also if required, same for SERVER SSL profile.


So in short, you need to check what all traffic is getting forwarded to other VS and what all iRules, SSL Profiles, Policies (if any) are required to be configured on the VS. Accordingly, you need to do all the configuration so everything will work as per your expectations.


Hope it helps!



The traffic is reaching to the new virtual server. I have attached one logging rule to that new virtual server.

But only CLIENT_ACCEPTED event is getting executed and I am getting the iRule logs for that event.

But not getting the HTTP_REQUEST event logs. What may be the issue.