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Redistributing connections evenly after uneven load balanicing has occured when using Round Robin?


Hello Folks,


We're using Round Robin to distribute traffic on some active and consistent data feeds. It appears that the traffic is not balanced evenly across the members any longer. Their is potential a node failed in the pool at some point and the feeds being very persistent stayed on the active node from that time.


If that is the case, is there a way to force the traffic to be redistributed evenly by round robin across the pool?


Appreciate any help!


Community Manager
Community Manager

just to clarify you have persistence configured on these? What kind and do you have a timeout value associated?

there is no persistence profile in this case

Oh, and we decided to move to Least Connection for now with the balancing algorithm in hopes that over time as the connections eventually reset, they will even out. This appears to be working, but its just extremely slow due to these feeds being live 24x7 and rarely dropping.