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RDP Native client issue with mstsc version 10.5 lower




F5 TMS OS Version

i have created new configuration with RDP native client and enabled User Defined option in RDP policy , the some user are able to access RPD desktops after VPN connected clients are windows 10 ver are working


Windows 10 64 bit 1909   -   83.0.4103.116         Mstsc Ver 10.0.18362.752   Working

Windows 10 64 bits 1809      11.1217.17763.0   83.0.4103.116   Mstsc Ver 10.0.17763.1217   Working

Windows 10 64 bits 19041   11.264.19041.0   83.0.4103.116   Mstsc Ver 10.0.19041        Working


below windows os not working


Windows 10 64 bits 1803      17134.1304   mstsc verion 10.0.17134   Not working

windows 7 ultimate 32 bit 7601   8.0.76010   83.0.4103.116 mstsc verion   8.6.01   Not working

Windows 7 professional 64 bit   11.0.9600   83.0.4103.116   mstsc verion6.1.7601   Not working



please any can help us to resolve issue since we have provide work from home environment to our users.



Lakshmi Narayanan R





F5 Employee
F5 Employee

For Windows 10 1803, it could be due to this

A related one but may not be applicable to you is

You can try the workarounds in both articles.

For Windows 7, MS has stopped its support for some time, including fixes/updates. It may be a good idea to advise your users to upgrade to the latest Win10