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r series datasheet


Hi experts 

rseries device can alloc some vcpu to tenant, can't alloc full vcpu to tenant

so, this tenant Can the performance of the datasheet be achieved?


thank you




thank you 

I found rseries datasheet inform wrong information 

like datasheet inform, r4600 can alloc 12 cpu to tenant. but, rseries can just alloc 6 cpu to tenant


Hey @neeeewbie - FYI I've reached out to the guys who own that datasheet, and they are taking a look at it and will update the document accordingly.

Question for you on this one, @neeeewbie  - were you unable to allocate more than 6CPU/tenant? What made you say that the datasheet was wrong?

Hi All

I was caseopen this issues.

It has been identified as a GUI bug.

I understand that the bug ID came out.

Won't the Sol document come out soon?



below snapshot is tennant deploy screen. (It is bug)


스크린샷 2023-02-02 오전 9.40.14.png


Hi @Leslie_Hubertus 
I wrote wrong number, can just 8 vcpu to tenant 

I checked datasheet, it is indicate r4600 can alloc 12 vcpu to tenant 

but, when I checked that on gui, can alloc 8 vcpu to tenant 

this device can alloc 12vcpu to all of tenant, but can't alloc 12vcpu to one tenant 

so, I thought datasheet wrong 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Just to make sure you both saw the TechNews Notification from yesterday, @neeeewbie and @Hooni_L - 

"If you purchased F5 rSeries r5000/r10000 systems and your rSeries appliances are connected to Cisco Nexus switches over 10-Gb or 25-Gb links, F5 recommends that you delay taking down the interfaces until you are able to download and install F5OS 1.3.2. F5OS 1.3.2 is not yet available, but you can contact F5 Support to get early access to the software if your scenario fits this description.


The 10-Gb and 25-Gb interfaces on F5 rSeries 5000 and 10000 systems may fail to establish links with Cisco Nexus 9000, 7000, or 5000 series switches. When this issue occurs, the network links either cannot be established or are suspended, resulting in no network connectivity between the rSeries system and the Cisco Nexus switch. In some cases, the link does not come up after a system shutdown or restart or after an interface shutdown.

This issue occurs when all of the following conditions are met:

  • You have an F5 rSeries r5000 or r10000 system.
  • You connect a 10-Gb or 25-Gb interface on the rSeries system to a Cisco Nexus 9000, 7000, or 5000 series switch port.
  • The interface on the rSeries system attempts to come up after a shutdown or restart, or after disabling then re-enabling the interface.


The network link fails to establish, resulting in no network connectivity between the rSeries system and the Cisco Nexus switch.


As a result of this issue, you may encounter the following symptoms:

  • One or more 10-Gb or 25-Gb interfaces on the rSeries system is marked down when it is connected and expected to be marked up.

Note: This symptom is more likely to occur after upgrading to F5OS-A 1.3.1.

For more information, refer to K000132166: 10G and 25G interfaces on rSeries 5000 and 10000 series systems may fail to establish li...."