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Questions about migration of 5050 to i5800


Planning migration of 5050 (HA) to pair of i5800.


Current F5 has LTM and ASM configured. Configs are in multiple partitions, not only Common. Running on 14.1.4.


I came across some past postings that suggest platform migration, which is essentially no license and platform check.




  1. License the new boxes
  2. Ensure the software version is aligned


Question: Correct me if I'm wrong.


Platform Migration


I read platform-migrate do not include


a. Migration of module configurations other than those for LTM and GTM.


Question: We have ASM. Do we need to export import the policies? Will that include parameters/URLs that we have added based on suggestion? The i5800 will have Adv WAF.



  • VLANs (both host and guest)
  • Management and Self-IP addresses
  • Config sync trust group information
  • Trunk group configuration


Question: To cover all these will it be wise tinkering with bigip_base.conf to ensure the network interface is referred correctly (assuming different) for i5800? Otherwise what else should be done to achieve the missing config.


Creating the UCS file with master key


Do we do this on both the boxes?






Yes the master key will be the same for the HA pair but you need to create the UCS on the two boxes. Otherwise you will need to configure the basic system and network settings and HA config on the second box and then sync the LTM and ASM config from the primary to the second box, simillar to