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Profile Services Rewrite, need to add 2nd client URI for same server




I have a rewrite profile currently in place, and I need to add a 2nd client URI for same server URI. Can I do this somehow with a wildcard or do I need to move to an irule (really don't want to do irule if I don't have to). When I try to add 2nd rule with 2nd client uri and same server URI, it barks at me, says I can't do that. Thanks for any help.


General Information: Parent Profile: /Common/rewrite

   Rewrite Mode: URI Translation


URI Translation: x rewrite headers

x insert X-Forwarded-For-Header

Response Settingss:

x Rewrite Headers

x Rewrite Content


URI Rules:  Rule Type: Both

   Client URI: <--------need to add 2nd Client URI for same

   Server URI:


Set-Cookie Rules:  n/a