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Path Check Monior to trigger Failover


Good Afternoon 

I have two traffic groups and two LTMS. 

F5 Box1  Traffic group 1 is Active    Traffic Group 2 Standby

F5 Box 2 Traffic group 2 is Active  Traffic Group 1 Standby 

I want to do a Path Check Monitor to go out Box 1   simple Get req for google .com and one other site . if the get isn't successful.  I would like Traffic Group 1 on F5 Box 1  to fail over to F5 Box 2  


Does anyone have an example or docs i can refer to .. 

Thanks in advance



Hello @Brandon,

You can use HA Groups



As it was mentioned HA Groups are a way to go.


Other than that for monitoring the gateway devices gateway failsafe is also a nice option (there is even a vlan failsafe but as the pool members are not directly connected it will not work):


Other that an icall script could also monitor the logs and trigger a failover:


F5 has so many ways to do different things it is crazy 🙂 . Do not forget to mark the solution that works for you as accepted if it is found.