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Need to clone UDP syslog traffic to 2 pools

Hi - we are trying to send duplicate ingress syslog UDP/514 traffic to two pools. We see that is not supported by using clone pools. Is there a way to do that? iRule? log publisher? I have looked on DevCentral and there is a lot of messages but no clear solutuons. Thanks -Steve


Hi @steve_michaels , 
  I recommend to try to configure Log destinations and Log publishers. 
Follow the below Article From F5 :

Hope it helps you. 
If I reach out for an iRule for youe environment , I will definitely share it in this thread ! 


Mohamed Kansoh

OK thanks @Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh . We are running BigIP v15.1.5.1  LTM. I will take a look at the link you sent.

@steve_michaels , 
 Try to use " clone pool option " under advanced configuration of your virtual server. 
Check below : 
> Article to know about this option " clone pool option "

> F5 KB to configure this option :

I think , there are not iRules to kill loadbalancing and send send Traffic to multiple pools at the same time. 
I think you can achieve this idea by " clone Pool option " 
Try it and give me your feedback , I hope it success with you

Mohamed Kansoh