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Migration from VM version to 15.1.1 VM

Hi All,


I have been taksed to migrate F5's hosted in Azure Cloud version [including modules LTM,GTM,ASM, AFM and AVR however only LTM and ASM(with 3 policies only) is in use] . For this I have to spin a new F5 from Azure market place and upload the backup file from old VM i.e. with version I have never done such type of activity, if anyone has done this, please share your experience and steps how to perform this activity.

What are the pre-requiste settings that we have to do in adavance on new F5 VM?

Although, new VM will be having it's own license, there is an option to disable the license when I'll be importing backup file to new but what about the no-platform-check command did not get much about this?

I've gone through some SOL articles and get to know that ciphers will be changed in ver 15.1.1, how to cater this issue so that user will not face any issue related to ciphers.

What other things needs to be considerd please point out.


Thanks in advance.



F5 VM or F5 Hardware upgarde is almost common. Will suggest to go through below article. I am sure it will give you confidence.