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Maintenance Redirect and Return


What I want to accomplish seems simple enough. When needed I want a VS to display a maintenance page. When I turn off maintenance I want a refresh at the user's browser to load the main app.


What happens now is that the user browser shows the maint page as expected. However when I change the config back to the application, refreshing the browser (including a forced refresh with cache clear) still returns the maintenance page. Restarting the browser or opening a new browser on the same client system shows the expected application page.


I've approached this 2 ways - and see the same behavior in both.

  1. Change the default pool for the VS to point to an IIS maintenance page. After maintenance is complete change the default pool back to the application pool.
  2. iRule with HTTP::respond pointing to an iFile. After maintenance is complete remove the iRule from the VS


Both methods correctly display the maintenance page immediately after being activated. Both methods continue to display the maintenance page after switching back.

Running on an LTM v15.1.0.4

Any idea why it behaves this way? Any suggestions? Thanks



It will be difficult to analysis iRule without seeing it. I am using below iRule since long time.


You can control Pool member from server level and route the traffic.



when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [active_members POOL-NAME] < 1 } { HTTP::respond 200 content [ifile get maintanence_page.html] "Content-Type" "text/html" } }