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Logging to a different local facility?


This is going to be difficult for me to explain but Ill do my best..


I have a scenario where I want to take all my logs and log it to a different facility on the remote syslog. Im trying to send all my traffic to a syslog device but instead of having all of the traffic mixed up (from multiple sources) and filter it on the syslog... i have been asked to make all my LTM logs to local5. In this case, the syslog device has a script to put the local5 traffic in a specific folder for LTM. For example, local1 is routers, local2 is switches... local5 is LTM.


How do I make this change? Is it syslog-ng? Im looking for anything to key off of so I can googlefu it but Im missing the appropriate syntax or something because Im just not finding it.


Overall goal:


  1. Change all logs to local5.


  2. Limit what gets logged to local5.


2a. major errors get logged to local5.


2b. all changes get logged to local5.






Hmmm, the local5 facility is used for local logging of packet filter messages. However, I'm sure you could do something smart with syslog-ng, which is what is used by TMOS. Some customer destinations and filters and the like should do the trick.


You can find manuals here:


Be aware that the F5 configuration will be slightly different and you need to be careful that your changes are not overwritten. This will help you in some way I'm sure:


Either way, this is going to be quite a job!