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localdbmgr DOWN


The /var partion is almost full and i access through cli and i noticed that localdbmgr DOWN config # , what is this? and how to fix it ? and does this service may cause the /var is almost full ? because i faced /var issue in one appliance only where the localdbmgr DOWN .

where in the second appliance the /var is good and i have not seen this localdbmgr DOWN  in cli.



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

localdbmgr controls the APM local database - see 

My guess is that ths is because the disk is full. Clear the disk, do a restart, hopefully it'll be fine. If not, raise a case or look at bugs related to localdbmgr

Thank you for your response.

actully i have 2 applaince and both with the same resources , size and so on. the issue of var is in one appliance where the localdbmgr is down . so my indication was , this service might cause /var to be full .


is it save to restart localdbmgr ?

Thanks for the link, I appreciate it.

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