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irule for identifying corporate network..


I am setting up an always on machine tunnel solution using edge client.. but as the dns location isn´t working with the tunnel service I want to create an irule to use in the vpe that would check if the client is connected to corporate lan.. any one have an idea or have someone done something similar?


You can use the "ACCESS_POLICY_AGENT_EVENT" so that one time during the policy check before the network resource is assigned you can check the client IP address and set a custom variable after that use an General purpose “emptyobject and make a branch rule to check if for example "expr { [mcget {session.vpn.private}] == "1" }" and make so that if the customer is in the private IP range then to not assign a "Network_access" object.




Ah for this you don't even need the "ACCESS_POLICY_AGENT_EVENT" event as the EVENT "ACCESS_SESSION_STARTED" will do the job and in that event you can set a session variable like for example "session.vpn.private" and then in the Access policy use as I mentioned an “emptyobject with a branch rule or you could just block users in the event "ACCESS_SESSION_STARTED" that are in the corporate network to start the VPN client similarly to what is shown below:

Wouldn´t the subnet match accomplish the same thing ?

Yes I forgot that there is such an agent, so you can test with it. Just be carefull to not hit a bug that I saw it was mentioned:

it does work, but it´s kind of .. dumb(not finding other words at the moment hehe) for use in this case as i doesnt take anything else into consideration. the best would be to have a network location server (or something like it), if client can reach it no tunnel.. if it´s not there go ahead and connect.

Have you added the DNS relay proxy service to see if you can use then the DNS autoconnect location awareness toggether with a split tunnel?

The dns suffix check in edge client works in the full edge client, just not in the machine tunnel part.

I was having similar issues for another vendor and maybe test to establish a network access session (VPN) before logging in to Windows as an alternative to the machine tunnel. Outside of that push the F5 TAC to resolve this issue.