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iControl REST Get Pool Member


I'm currently trying to write a script in powershell that gets the pool members of a specific pool. The problem i'm having right now is that I have it sitting in a different partition than Common and it's throwing " The requested Pool (/Common/pool_name) was not found." which makes sense.


I'm wondering how can I reference the different partition in my powershell script?


$F5 = LTMName $input = input $F5PoolURI = "https://$LTMName/mgmt/tm/ltm/pool/$input/members" $credentials = Get-Credential $Query = Invoke-RestMethod $LTMPoolURI -Credential $credentials -method GET

I'll give you a trick. Get ie. and check the JSON response.


{ "items" : [ { "allowNat" : "yes", "allowSnat" : "yes", "fullPath" : "/rancher/Shared/istio_system_istio_ingressgateway_443", "generation" : 1905, "ignorePersistedWeight" : "disabled", "ipTosToClient" : "pass-through", "ipTosToServer" : "pass-through", "kind" : "tm:ltm:pool:poolstate", "linkQosToClient" : "pass-through", "linkQosToServer" : "pass-through", "loadBalancingMode" : "round-robin", "membersReference" : { "isSubcollection" : true, "link" : "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/ltm/pool/~rancher~Shared~istio_system_istio_ingressgateway_443/members?ver=" }, "minActiveMembers" : 1, "minUpMembers" : 0, "minUpMembersAction" : "failover", "minUpMembersChecking" : "disabled", "name" : "istio_system_istio_ingressgateway_443", "partition" : "rancher", "queueDepthLimit" : 0, "queueOnConnectionLimit" : "disabled", "queueTimeLimit" : 0, "reselectTries" : 0, "selfLink" : "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/ltm/pool/~rancher~Shared~istio_system_istio_ingressgateway_443?ver=", "serviceDownAction" : "none", "slowRampTime" : 10, "subPath" : "Shared" } ], "kind" : "tm:ltm:pool:poolcollectionstate", "selfLink" : "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/ltm/pool?ver=" }

If you look at the self links you can see the correct path there.




Replace "/" in the path with ~. So if you want to see the members in /rancher/istio_system_istio_ingressgateway_443 you can just use the URI /mgmt/tm/ltm/pool/~rancher~Shared~istio_system_istio_ingressgateway_443/members


Make sense?


I wrote a guide for the REST API and there's some Powershell examples in it. Maybe it'll help too?


Kind regards,