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How to reuse credentials for an application within the Portal APM


Hello everyone,

I have an application accessible through my portal's webtop, which is published via Big-IP APM. The portal requires user authentication with a username and password, while the application itself uses basic authentication to verify users.

To clarify, I need to log in to both the portal and the web application separately to access it.

Now, here's the question:

Is there a way for me to utilize the same credentials from the portal to authenticate in the web application without having to enter my credentials again?

Please keep in mind that the portal and the application share the same user database.


Hi @field_bad_service,

yes, this is possible. APM supports several SSO Methods, Basic Auth too.
Take a look at this guide: Creating an HTTP Basic SSO configuration.
You can do this with Webtop too, you can assign different SSO methods to the different Webtop resources.
But, to be honest, Webtops are not cool anymore. I try to avoid using them. Most current web apps will work without the rewriting/manipulation a webtop does. And you can still use a single VS for content switching of web apps and also switching SSO profiles.


Hello @Daniel_Wolf thanks fo your support.

I created an SSO option but I don't know where to include it inside the Access Portal.

In the Access Profile I configure before or after the authentication query, ex. AD or LDAP? Does it have to be SSO Credential Mapping or Variable Session?

Once again thanks for your support. 

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. You can assign a SSO profile to each Portal Access resource.