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GET all pool /mgmt/tm/ltm/pool/members/stats, but the Partition outside of Common cannot be obtained


1. Get all configuration through API instead of a specific Pool. (

2.This can only obtain Common Partition, and other Partitions cannot be obtained. Obtaining each API separately incurs too much performance overhead on the device (

3.Alternatively, it can support obtaining Pool Members for a specific Partition.

4. Can URLs support adding parameters, such as But? partition=aaa parameter not valid.



Here is an example :


SO the idea is the use a schema like this:

 /mgmt/tm/ltm/pool/~<partition name>~<pool name>/stats


Thank you.

In this way, each pool requests an API interface once, and when there are many pools, the device's CPU or memory load will be high.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @long_zhao,

There is no way to get all the stats for all partitions (see from iControl REST. However, two options for you:

  1. if you use the SOAP interface, which is deprecated but still works, you can pass all pools to the get_all_member_statistics method and will get them in bulk.
  2. You can build an iControl LX package (like the automation toolchain) which will do all the work for you on BIG-IP and you can just pass requests and it will return all the data.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@long_zhao another option I'm noodling on is running a tmsh script locally on BIG-IP that will write to a file that you can then download via the REST interface in a single call. This is more steps than building an iControl LX package, but simpler to implement.

If you change directory to root in tmsh and then do a show /ltm pool recursive members, you'll get all the stats for pool and pool members. If you do that in a tmsh script, you can then just pull out the stats from the pools and members you need, and then write to file. I'm going to do a live coding session on Friday at 9am pacific to work through this if you want to tune in, but if we solve it I'll post back here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@long_zhao code from the live session: 

We were able to collect pool member stats (just bits-in/out and pkts-in/out, but you can add the others you care about) from all pool members in multiple partitions via tmsh script and then download via python.