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F5 system OID not working

Hello, I have been asked to set up a cricket page to display some usefull data for a couple of F5 switches we have on production.



F5 switches:


bip228448 and bip228474


Both are running: BIG-IP 9.1.2 Build 40.2 LTM



According to the BIGIP MIBS available for the F5 switches, there should be OIDs to poll snmp data for CPU utilization, Memory, Disk Usage and other system statistics. I compiled the mibs with one of my network management applications and when I query the variables, I don’t get any values back for the system. I see two branches on the F5 OID, one called “f5systems” (. and other called “bigipTrafficMgmt” (. The bigipTrafficMgmt branch provides me values related to the users, pools, Virtual servers, SNAT, profiles, Mirrors, etc. but the f5systems branch does not return any values at all.


I compiled the provided ucdavis mib, but it seems to misbehave; it returns constant values instead of real time data. For example my disk utilization says 80% for the last week, although I know it has varied. Also memory used is always the same. This ucdavis mib is not giving me the correct values.



Also in the bigipTrafficMgmt data, is it posible to get real time thoughput values??? For example the OIDs: (serverBytesIn) and (serverBytesOut) are cumulative counters, I would like to get the values in bytes/sec rate over the polled period. The same goes for the server datagram counts and pools bytes counts.



One last thing, is there any OID that can poll response time from the switches???



I'm not familiar with the F5, so if anyone has done something with cricket, perhaps can guide me on what information is usefull to graph.



Thanks a lot for any information.







Community Manager
Community Manager
I haven't had any problems with the system mib on 9.1.2.



Regarding the serverBytesIn/serverBytesOut and all other counters, the rate must be calculated. FYI, for CPU, the utilization is only available in the mib for TMM utilization, not overal CPU. This also must be calculated from the tmSleep, tmTotal, & TmIdle oids. I believe it is (tmTotal - (TmSleep + TmIdle) / TmTotal)*100, but check ask F5 in the solutions for sure.



I have done some pages in Cacti, and will be publishing a wiki page soon if I can get some projects completed. I modified some templates that a user in the Cacti forum provided, and added a couple for TMM memory and CPU graphing.

Need to find the OID for No.of http requests on F5 box

F5 Employee
F5 Employee
Need to find the OID for No.of http requests on F5 boxthere are a number of http request stats. not sure if this is what you are asking.



[root@ve1023:Active] config snmptranslate .





this is its decription.


The total number of HTTP requests to the system.