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F5 LTM LoadBalancing


Hi All


currently i have an application that looks up for a DNS name in AD DNS server which is loadbalanced between two hosts with Round RObin Method


For Example


Testserver ------- DNS A Record

Resolves to below two servers

Test Server1 ---

Test Server2 ---


What we would like to do is migrate the similar setup from AD DNS based to F5 - Virtual Server


What i have done so far is as per below


Create A Virtual Server with ANY port (As Service Port)


Then Pool Members - Test Server 1 on port 8000 and Test Server 2 on port 8001.



When the client initiates the requests without port number - NO reponse

When client inititiates the request with port number (8000 or 8001) -- then it will get the response


What we would like to see is this to work with out mentiong any por number

is it possible


if not can we do similar sort of name resolution load balance using F5 instead of AD-DNS based?