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F5 Horizon Client 2FA fails


Hello we have deployed VMware VDI with F5 APM and LTM by using the iAPP v1.5.8 with DUO 2 Factor Authentication. When we launch the connections to the VDI machines from the F5 Webtop we are able to authenticate without issue and connect either using HTML5 or Blast. The problem is when we try to connect directly from the Horizon Client. The authentication fails. We are prompted for Username/Passcode we enter the AD username, AD cred then we are prompted for DUO and when we enter the code we received an error stating that "A RADIUS challenge failure occurred. Please try again". Please let me know if somebody has experienced the issue and found a solution. I would really appreciate the help.



Hello! If your VPE is using ACCESS_POLICY_AGENT_EVENT it is not possible. Currently this event is not supported under Horizon View client + APM. We have to reconfigure our policy to use HTTP Auth + Virtual Server with appropriate iRule

If it is your case you cask F5 support about RFE 461919

Hello Vladimir,


Would you mind elaborating more in what you had to do to make it work. You said you had to create a separate VIP for Horizon view client only and use an iRule for authentication? Could you put an example of the irule you used?


Thank you,

Hello DareDevil


We are using custom 2FA based on Google Authenticator

Take a look at this article