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F5 DNS cname



I'm new to F5 DNS module and need help,

I have F5 with DNS installed and works fine(almost).
some dns queries doesnt work,
when I try to find(nslookup from my pc) for example -
I get response server fail
but when i try everything works.

in the cache I can see that for

I have cname,
but when I try to find out the IP of the cname I get server fail
but I dont know why..




You need to do some investigation:

The issue could be many things so check the f5 bug tracker and you cname config and maybe you need the F5 allias option:

Still better get some good F5 DNS learning before investigating issues with F5 getting started DNS part 1 and 2 and the operations guide:

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @lior, thanks for posting! Some things you might consider when posting to drive more engagement with your questions:

  1. Provide as much detail as is relevant to the question, like versions, configuration parameters, module features activated and under test, etc
  2. Provide any steps you've taken to identify the issue
  3. Drawings are always helpful where appropriate

In this case, I'm not sure what features within F5 DNS are under test, and where your test is being run. Is it on box or from an external client?