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Export a list of all SSL VIPs that are not SSL on the backend


Hi All.


I am using a BIG IP LTM v15.1.0.4


I would like to export a list of VIPs (from the command line or GUI) that shows the following:

  1. VIPs that have a clientssl profile assigned and do not have a serverssl profile assigned.
  2. The list should contain the VIP Name, destination ip, clientssl profile name, pool name(s), pool member's ips:port


While I was able to export a list of VIPs using the command below, it wont let me show the Server SSL profile. Also I don't know how to filter it based on "clientssl=yes" and "serverssl=no".


tmsh show ltm virtual detail | grep -E "Virtual Server: | Destination | Ltm::Pool: | Ltm::Pool Member: | Ltm::ClientSSL Profile"


Any advice is appreciated


Have you tried this,

Hi Jaikumar,


Looks promising. Ill try this script today and reply back





Glad could be help, if your question is solved, please do mark the thread as closed, so others can get similar solutions.