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ELK Logs Vs F5 - Is there a complete solution anywhere? - If not, can we make one?


Hi All,

This has been bothering me for some time now, I've used f5 for many years now, and its many different modules and log types have always bothered me when looking at external logging. Identifying them, and also understanding how to read them.

But this post is more about identifying them not making comment about it! I'm more interested in getting a common community driven approach into f5 log management and driving it into the elk stack. Mainly because its open source and great for my home lab, but also the release of Elastic Security to the open source branch means many of us can make use of it from home and input that back into our businesses.


So what I was hoping for in the first instance is help with identifying people or posts showing work already done which can be reviewed.

For example I've found snippets for ASM and logstash, beats for APM and AFM but from that LTM and DNS seem to be missing. None of these approaches are similar. But all have some brilliant work which just needs pulling together.

With similarity in mind, it would also be good to try to align these output into the elasticseach ecs format so the Security module and other searches can pick up this data easily. There is also many discussions about Logstash or Beats and which one to focus on. My first off thought is to use lgostash as its more open in its development and once we have something working it looks possible to transfer this config into a beats.


So any help and advise would be nice from the community please!


Thanks - Pete